Access to BLUElink data is subject to acceptance of licence agreements by users. The licences can be read here:

non-commercial licence (in a new tab/window)
commercial licence (in a new tab/window)

Please choose the type of licence that you wish to apply for (note that the non-commercial licence will expire after one year, the commercial licence after three years):

non-commercial licence: I wish to apply for a non-commercial licence and confirm that I will use the BLUElink data set(s) downloaded from the CSIRO server solely for non-commercial, government-funded research purposes. Furthermore, I will not provide the data set(s) to any other user. In case any questions arise regarding these conditions I will immediately inform and discuss with CSIRO.

commercial licence: I wish to apply for a commercial licence. Further inquiries regarding access to the BLUElink products for commercial purposes should be directed to:
Dr Andreas Schiller, CSIRO Ocean and Climate Dynamics Research Director
Email:; ph: (03) 6232 5300; mob: 0400 501 162